zaterdag 11 december 2010

Sky Control LAN

I'm just back from the Sky-Control LAN at my buddy: C0NTR0LLED
In the past 24 Hours I improved a lot of records on different tracks, and some with more then 0.5-1.00

I spent more then 2 hours non-stop on my record on Lava Lair, and round the clock of: 3:30 in the morning I finally succeeded in breaking my previous record, I broke the record with a second or so, and that's alot =)

When my hands felt like they were broken I decided to call it a day and I toke some rest.
The next day after a nice breakfast I decided to break my record on Shibuya Downtown while I already got a nice record..
First I improved 0.020 then 0.100....after a short period a Improved my time something like 1.100 which got me on the 9th place on the World-Leaderboards...

Overall the LAN was very succesfull, so I left my equipment so that we can prepare ourselves this week for the Tournament next week!

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